Today is our 40th episode and I am so glad to be sharing it with you!

Why celebrate the 40th and not the 50th episode you might ask? Why the bloody hell not! 

I’ve learnt some valuable lessons over these 40 episodes and the Beaute Industrie brand has grown and evolved and in this episode I am going to share that with you.

It’s just me, Tamara here with you today, for our 40th episode celebration, thanking you for everything. I travel down the rabbit hole a little in today’s episode, giving you reasons as to how and why I need your support, some personal development notes and learnings and also provide you a recap and insight into my recent travels through the world spa and wellness conference, awards and the professional beauty industry.

Thank you for joining me for todays expansive episode, I would love you to listen with open ears and heart and make contact with me afterwards if anything sits with you.

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