Vanessa Donlan my guest today has been in the holistic health industry for 25 years and along the way has worked as an Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist, and a Beauty Therapist.

Through creating client relationships and wanting to explore beyond traditional beauty treatments, Vanessa studied Neuro Linguistic Programming, otherwise known as NLP, and Hypnotherapy, and has since added them to her list of services.

Prior to this recording I went and had a treatment with Vanessa in her Space at Serenity skin and Body in Manly and was actually quite surprised by the results and too the sequence of treatment in combining a facial with hypnosis. I mentioned to Vanessa that I was concerned with the quality of my sleep and that getting to sleep was quite difficult for me and since our session i have been sleeping like a baby – you may have seen me write about this on the Beaute Industrie blog recently if you’re a superfan of ours. 

Vanessa shares with us what hypnosis actually is, why hypnotherapy has been drawn to her and how it’s changed the lives and skin of her clients.

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