Today’s guest is one that has been highly anticipated and requested from our Facebook group and I am so thrilled to have her on the podcast today, it’s Marie Cocciolone from Inskin Cosmedics.

Maria wears many hats and has been extremely influential in the cosmedical product arena and for that reason I’m going to share with you a small timeline of her accomplishments thus far.

In 2007 she founded INSKIN COSMEDICS, a medical aesthetic distribution company, 

in 2009 launched and created from scratch, O COSMEDICS, one of Australias first cosmedical skincare ranges.

in 2016 opened her own manufacturing plant and as if that year wasn’t big enough doing that, in 2016 she also co-created and launched the GINGER&ME product.

Maria’s baby, INSKIN COSMEDICS is not only home to her own brands, but also home to the very popular DERMAPEN WORLD, VIORA DEVICES, EMERGINC AND MISS VITALITY.

Maria shares with us her passion and why behind creating the empire that inskin is, challenges she faced along the way, what success means to her and I was also able to sneak out of her what her holy grail o’cosmedics product is.

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