A little introduction for our guest today, Stacey Burt from Little Company, a skin clinic in Richmond Victoria and more recently opened, a second clinic in Byron Bay.

Stacy and her team at Little Company call themselves a team of living skin specialists, who go beyond product and treatment to treat the skin as it should be, the largest living organ of the body.

When I visited Little Company for a treatment myself, I was given the most exquisite facial experience of my life to date – which is something I do not say lightly.

Today’s conversation with Stacey explores how a treatment can be a grounded moment of connection and stillness between therapist and client AND looks at the importance of why therapists should be present at all times, which I so truly resonate with and enjoyed listening to.

Stacey has found a quiet area of the botanical gardens in Melbourne to sit down and soak up the energy of nature while we recorded, so you will hear some roaming birds and the buzz of life around her during todays episode – which truly shows you how much she admires connecting and time spent on self.

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