Today’s guest you may have seen across social media as she has hundreds of photos of therapists holding up certificates after completing their skin training courses, it’s Lia Trebilcock from Skin Education International, a guest who has been requested to feature on the podcast many times by you all, so i am beyond thrilled I could bring this conversation to light.
Lia Trebilcock has been a leader in the skin industry for over 14 years now starting out as a therapist and along the way she has owned her own skin clinic and has progressed into national educational roles for incredible companies such as InSkin Cosmedics and Jurlique and also studied Naturopathic Nutrition throughout her career.
What I love about Lia so much is that, like us, Lia is an independent educator who is non affiliated with any one particular brand. Using a combination of nutritional support, professional treatments and home care advice to create healthy, vibrant and balanced skins, Lia now travels the country and beyond to help therapists, like you, treat their clients skin concerns one skin at a time.

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