My guest today is easily the most colourful person i’ve had on the podcast to date in both literal colour with her fluro green hair and clothing, but also in language so this is a language warning, there’s a few naughty words on this one – so if you’re in the car with kiddies or playing this in a public space, you may want to save this one for a solo listen.

Cass Barrie, my guest today, is the owner of a multisite hairdresser space Diamond Cut and is also a Mindset and Empowerment coach at Be A Badass, who channels energy and works with crystals to create good vibes in customer servicing spaces and bring out leadership qualities in business owners.

I was lucky enough to have this conversation in person with cass in my home in queensland with the sun shining before she jetted off to canberra right after our recording and we couldn’t stop talking.

If you haven’t already noted the timing on this episode, it’s a biggie as cass and i go down the deep down the crystal and energy rabbit hole about leadership, team and self and  we accidently blew the audio out with our laughing so apologies in advance for that.I thought about cutting this episode in half and seeding it out across two mondays but i think you’ll want to listen to this conversation in its entirety, as that’s just how captivating cass is.

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