Through the global pandemic we have and currently are still facing, i heard many times by experienced figures that ‘beauty industry is resilient and recession-proof’, however, the cynic in me was always a little reserved with this notion, this is until I first handedly saw the strength that the team at St Skin exhibited during the pandemic – I now know wholeheartedly for this resilience and recession-proof claim to be true.

Mid pandemic while the world was upside down, Australians were ridiculously panic buying toilet paper, our industry was forced into closure and business owners were frantically googling what government funding they were eligible for, I noticed across the St Skin social media account something completely different. Not only were they trying to battle the aforementioned problems we all were, but too, they had been not so kindly kicked out of their stunning space on Flinders Lane, in mid-city Melbourne.

What comes next is resilience by definition, which you can hear in Leelah’s voice as she shares what it’s like to proactively close the business down and stop treating prior to government mandating you must do so, how one picks up and finds new space in the midst of an uncertain climate and too how you stay sane, remain calm and not lose your shit in the middle of bunnings warehouse – or maybe not so for that last part as you’ll hear in Leelah’s story today.

I hope that by sharing Leela and the st skin story with you all today, it will help show you that while we might not all be in the same boat or the exact same storm, we are certainly all going through this pandemic together and with a little support, a lot of patience and communication, we will get through this.

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