No doubt you’ve saved one of chelsea’s photos to an instagram inspo file or pinned a picture on pinterest with the nail art creative that is Trophy Wife.

Born in Melbourne in 2010, Trophy Wife initially started as a side-hustle, turned into something really special. A nail art and beauty space that became the anti-salon salon, known for its relaxed + inclusive vibes that host a creative space which celebrates beauty and art.

Today, 10 years later in business, Chelsea’s nail art has an incredible following of 35k across socials and has been collaborated on with some of the most recognisable brands like Mecca, Glasshouse, Platypus, Square Australia, Urban List and Kester Black as well as featuring on the hands of The veronicas, how two live and Flex mami, just to name a few.

Chelsea shares with us what it’s like discovering your creative love for treatments and choosing to leave what could’ve been a stable career pathway to join the beauty industry, performing contra services when you’re on the rise trying to make a name for yourself and the self doubt chatter that travels through our minds while taking the ultimate plunge of opening a business.

You can find more about Chelsea over at Trophy Wife and @trophywife

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