The youngest of six children born to Iraqis who immigrated to the United States, Dr. Murad’s life has been a testament to hard work and an almost childlike confidence that perseverance will pay off.

Dr Murad held jobs as a newspaper delivery boy, a pinsetter in a bowling alley, a soda jerk, a golf caddy, a gardener, and even a salesman, going door-to-door in a very poor and dangerous New York City neighborhood – proving that the start of our journey’s aren’t always where we finish them.

Dr Murad worked to put himself through college, pharmacy school and medical school, started his own company at 50, and reinvented himself as a champion of Modern Wellness in 2018.

Dr Murad’s skincare products were among the first clinically proven to achieve significant measurable anti-aging results without surgery to which he has been awarded 19 patents for his skincare breakthroughs which include:

  • Being amongst the first to use alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs)
  • First to treat the underlying connection between skincare, healthcare and hydration – leading to the first products to help the cells retain water
  • Pioneering holistic health and the visibility it has on the skin and well as being the
  • First to introduce the medical spa—combining science-backed treatments with Inclusive Health® stress relief

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