Faye is the current ABIA hall of fame inductee and she is the first person to be inducted into both the hairdressing and beauty halls of fame – both which speak volumes of her work, character and reputation in the industry.

Faye Murray is a well-recognised name in both the hair and beauty world, in fact many of you would be familiar with Faye’s name as it’s been mentioned numerous times across our episodes from industry leaders like Karla McDiarmid of Macquarie Medispa and Jessika Brigginshaw of Brow Squad.

Faye Murray is a business coach and motivational speaker, specialising in the hair and beauty industries with over 18 years experience, and was one of the very first people to be titled a coach in the professional industry.

An impressive list of awards and achievements include Faye being a foundation and board member of the Australian Hairdressing Council where she was honoured for 10 years’ service, a member of the judging panels for national awards for both hair and beauty and has presented at national and international business conferences as well as hair and beauty expos.

Faye’s approach to coaching is that it will always be about personalised coaching and believes that every salon has different needs, therefore each coaching session must be unique to those needs. A session with Faye focuses on increasing sales, improving profit and building a strong and stable team, some of which she shares with us today.

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You’ll find more about Faye on her website and also across instagram.

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