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What will you be offering in 2020 to set your business apart from competitors?

We have forecasted the top 5 technologies that will not only deliver your clients the wow factor they’re looking but transformative business results too!

The Ultimate All-Rounder – MediLUX LED Light Therapy

LED is an excellent treatment all-rounder to revitalise a wide range of skin conditions, enhance

existing skin serviced and deliver a powerful profit boost thanks to treatment upgrades and upsells.

With 5 of the industry’s highest-powered treatment wavelengths, the MediLUX LED light therapy

machine harnesses clinicians with one the most versatile aesthetic technologies available on the


Thanks to pre-set facial programs and the ability to customise and save signature treatments,

MediLUX provides ultimate flexibility and convenience when it comes to delivering anti-ageing and

skin renewal programs.

The Rising Star – Pollogen MAXIMUS Workstation

Did you know that 62% of consumers (aged 18-34) are considering non-surgical treatments in the

next 12 months? With the demand for younger, tighter and trimmer looking skin higher than ever,

body contouring machines were certainly the rising star of 2019 and will continue to flourish in 2020.

A fast-track way to adhere to this demand is Pollogen MAXIMUS which engages 3 results-driven

approaches to face and body transformations – TriLipo® fat reduction, DMA (Dynamic Muscle

Activation) muscle toning and TriPollar Radio Frequency skin tightening.

Together these proven technologies penetrate all 4 tissue layers: epidermis, dermis, fat and muscle

for maximum treatment efficacy in as little as 30 minutes.

The Clinic Essential – OBSERV 520 Skin Analysis

Your client’s relationship with their skin health will always come back to their skin analysis experience.

An advanced skin analysis will set your business (and clients) up for success thanks to the ability to

educate and prescribe the appropriate treatments and skincare programs required to achieve their

skin goals.

A skin analysis machine like the OBSERV 520 is essential for any forward-thinking clinic. It is an

incredibly powerful tool to increase your upselling confidence and deliver transformative business and

client results. OBSERV 520 allows your clients to see firsthand their true skin condition and build trust with their clinician by participating in the development of their skin health treatment program.

The Magic Of Multifunction – UltraLUX PRO 12-In-1 Skin And Body Workstation

The industry is continuing to demand technology solutions that deliver multi-treatment capabilities –

because let’s face it, why invest in multiple single-use technologies, when you can just have one powerhouse?! In 2020, businesses of all sizes and styles should have the opportunity to deliver cutting-edge treatments without worrying about space constraints.

The UltraLUX PRO is the definitive workstation for leading aesthetic professionals. With just one

machine, clinicians are empowered with hair removal solutions such as SHR, high foot traffic skin corrective solutions, ultrasound fat reduction, radio frequency skin tightening, laser tattoo removal and carbon facials.

The Signature Facial – geneO

A signature facial is a powerful point of difference that gives you a competitive edge and offers clients

a memorable experience.

The geneo skin rejuvenation platform is a seamless way of integrating a personalised signature facial

into your clinic that delivers a unique experience that will have your clients spreading the word about.

Instead of spending hours conducting individualised treatments on each client, skin therapists can

now maximise their time, results and profits by delivering the benefits of an oxygenating exfoliating

facial, Radio Frequency skin tightening and ultrasound product infusion — all in one efficient and

results-driven treatment.


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