If you’ve ever gone home to the people in your house and told them about a problem or situation you’re facing in business and they didn’t quite understand what you were saying or why that’s a problem for you and your business, then you’re in the right place! You learn, you create, you build and you lead – and when you do, you influence the people around you, including your team and your clients, and the world is that much better for it. Here, we support beauty business owners like you on your journey through navigating you through the operations of your business, aligning team culture and values and assisting therapists with their retail sales while boosting their rebooking figures.
With experience across education, management, owner operator, franchise operations, corporate and multi-site businesses, we understand that every business is uniquely different and should be treated as such. ​With three flexible ways to gain the information, motivation, and education for your business and team, Beaute Industrie is here to support you through every step of the way, as much or as little as you need us. Take a look at our do-it-yourself guide to business operations, our online team portal to boost retail and rebooking percentages or invite us to visit your space for a team development session. Welcome to support you never knew existed, until now.


Looking for a business coach but aren’t sure where to start? BEAUTECADEMY is the industry recognised learning platform that makes it easier & more achievable to access expert industry mentoring and lessons on business knowledge. Watch Anywhere, Cancel Anytime, BEAUTECADEMY monthly subscriptions (AKA Netflix for the Professional Beauty Industry) host interactive video lessons from business experts, coaches, educators, product brands, machinery and technology companies that you can watch, listen and learn from in the comfort of your home or clinic. Claim your FREE 14 day trial today!
Sign your entire team up to our monthly subscription based, retail and sales training portal. Building their client communication skills and helping them overcome client objections Beaute Therapist speaks a therapist language that is easy to understand and implement in the treatment room. One team, One login, Countless happy clients. Help your team increase average client spend, boost rebooking percentages and add to product basket size with Beaute Therapist, our online team accessible training portal. Flexible, approachable and easy to understand retail sales has never been this simple!


Fuelled by brainstorming, workshopping, goal setting and accountability, Beaute Boardroom is a peer-to-peer mentoring service for the professional beauty industry, facilitating brands, business owners and managers.

Selected through careful criteria, Beaute Boardroom matches you with your 4 brand-new mentors. Harnessing a unique combination of first-hand experience, skills and expertise, your Beaute Boardroom will feature mentors specific to your industry.


Kerry Freshman
Time Out For You

“Having Tamara Reid from Beaute Industrie in our space and working with us towards our goal of outstanding customer service was exceptional.

The content that Tamara shared with us was relevant, giving us insights into what we do and can do better. Thank you Tamara x”

Circa 1929

“Tamara, I just wanted to thank you for your time that you spent with my manager and trainer in their session. Both girls found it extremely beneficial and gained a lot of insight into working with different personalities and of course the many different situations that pop up in a beauty business and the best way to approach them.

It was an incredibly worthwhile session and they both felt enthusiastic and confident that they could handle whatever situation presented itself in an informed way that would lead to the best result all round.

We have now taken onboard the monthly training and are really looking forward to seeing how that helps our amazing team progress even further!”

Cindy Roll
Amour Beauty Horsham

“We had Tamara visit our salon yesterday for team development and must say it was AMAZING!

Tamara gave us so many fabulous ideas and tips for our therapists to give the best consultation and advice to our clients, resulting in a great client experience and also increasing the productivity of our therapists.

I highly recommend you guys book in Tamara for a salon visit, she breaks things down into easy steps and presents the information from a therapist point of view.”

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