Meet us in the boardroom!

Fuelled by brainstorming, workshopping, goal setting and accountability, Beaute Boardroom is a peer-to-peer mentoring service for the professional beauty industry, facilitating brands, business owners and managers.

Selected through careful criteria, Beaute Boardroom matches you with your 4 brand-new mentors. Harnessing a unique combination of first-hand experience, skills and expertise, your Beaute Boardroom will feature mentors specific to your industry:

Brands are placed with complementing products
Business owners are placed together with different niche business owners
Managers are placed with other management experience levels
Feel intimately supported and guided by professionals who have experienced similar challenges and goals, who want to continually learn and are committed to their business’s success – and want the same for you too!

4 brains are better than one

We get it. Business can be isolating and often, we’re only able to see what’s in front of us and not what’s beyond the horizon.

In the boardroom, you have the chance to see your business through a whole new set of lenses – or four!

Maximise peer’s knowledge and advice to help expand your perspective, discover ideas and uncover strategies that are sure to deliver a lightbulb moment or two!

What’s on the agenda

The basic agenda of your Beaute Boardroom session will include understanding what’s working, what’s not working and developing a business action plan in an ultra-interactive, two-hour virtual session.

With each member having dedicated airtime, you will each celebrate your wins, unpack your challenges, set your goals and share your ideas.


Plan your business strategy,
map your marketing calendar and
prepare your product metrics.


Lean into leadership, raise
your revenue, motivate, mentor
and plan your promotions.


Prioritise protocols, train the trainer,
communicate effectively and
build a high performing team.

Community is our thing!

Despite their efforts, family and friends often just don’t get it when it comes to the trials and tribulations of business ownership, right? Too often, our family and friends encourage us to seek a path with more stability, consider a less-challenging industry or chase after work/life balance.

But that’s not quite the way we do things in the professional beauty industry!

Your Beaute Boardroom peers are the support system you’ve been searching for because they get it!


3 month commitment

• 2 hour monthly meetings

• Virtual Boardroom

• Weekly Accountability check ins

• Social Media Engagement pod

• Personalised peer advice


Bring on the Boardroom

Facilitated by Beaute Industrie’s Tamara Reid, industry mentor, motivator and community creator, Boardroom sessions are bound to not only refill your cup but replenish it too! Keeping the conversation on track, the dream alive and the motivation high, Tamara will navigate your session, fuelling your fire every step of the way.

Doors open every quarter – Join the July intake!

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